The Doctor and the Businessman

Once there was a businessman named Mr. Flores who had a sickly son. He would bring him to the clinic of a locally reknowned physician almost every week. His son would be admitted at least every 3 months.  For Mr. Flores, Dr. Alerav is no ordinary doctor, for he is the only one who can constantly cure his son.

Years passed and he realized that he has been spending a lot for his son’s chronic ailment.

Then an idea hit him.

Mr. Flores began to build a hospital with the best facility. It was too sophisticated that all other hospitals around his town are beginning to refer and transfer patients there.

Then he invited Dr. Alerav to practice in his hospital. Since this hospital has become the best in their town, the doctor accepted the invitation.

However, in order for him to be affiliated in this hospital, Dr. Alerav needs to pay Php 300,000.00 for hospital stocks. He also needs to pay Php 50,000.00 as a right-to-practice fee. In addition, he has to pay Php 2,000.00 per month for his clinic secretary and other clinic expenses.

Even if he paid a large sum of money, Dr. Alerav never regret his decision to affiliate with this hospital because through time, he developed a good practice and got a lot of loyal patients. And so he was happy.

But the businessman was a lot happier. Imagine, while he is earning a lump sum of money from the doctor, he is also getting free treatment for his son.

Only few doctors are inclined to business. But, do we really need to go into business?

Family members and friends always asked, how come I am into business when I can earn more from doing surgery. I always tell them these 2 reasons:

  1. I want to have a passive income, so that I won’t rely on my practice as a surgeon. This means that when I need to pay for something, I do not owe it to the fees that I get from my surgery. You would like to avoid the thought that while people are praying to God that they don’t get sick, the doctor is praying that someone gets sick so that he can get a patient.
  2. While most businessmen think that doing business is stressful, I personally believe that doing business is my way of escaping the stressful world of surgery. It is exciting to venture into something that is quite diverge from what I do as a surgeon.

The small amount of money that I get from fees for my surgery, is placed on investment. And I hope that other doctors will be inspired to go into business as well. I know some doctor friends who does well in business while practicing their profession.

So how about you? Are you engaged in business while practicing as a doctor?