I am a Catholic Doctor

Our Faith will always be tested, anywhere, anytime and anyhow. It can disguise itself in any form and there is no escaping from it. At the end of the day, it will all depend on whether you stood up for your faith or bowed down and accepted defeat.

I am no religious man. I try to attend Sunday mass as much as I can, but I often miss it; but I love God, I trust Him and I have faith in Him.

I am a sinner and boy do I sin a lot. Most of the people who know me will attest to that; but I love God, I trust Him, and I have faith in Him.

About 2 years ago, I treated a patient with Prostate Cancer. This 60 year old man was very lively and jolly. Full of spirit, he was hopeful that he can survive his ailment through the surgical treatment that was done.

He left the country after recovering from the surgery.

Months after the treatment, he was sending me all his laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging, which was meant to monitor his cancer. All the laboratory results came back normal. He was thanking me that I gave him an opportunity to live again.

Later on, he was telling me that he converted to Islam and that he was blessed and was given the second chance to live. He then said, “Doc si Pope Benedict mismo nagsabi na Christianity is a fake, at sya mismo nag Muslim…” (Doc, Pope Benedict himself said that Christianity is fake, and he himself converted to Islam)

He is convincing me to convert to Islam.

Every 3 months, along with his laboratory results, I would also receive from him several messages that were convincing me to convert to Islam. I would respond about the results of his laboratory exams but I never replied nor reacted to his invitation of converting to Islam.

Late last year, however, as I recieved the same message from him regarding his invitation for me to convert, I decided to finally reply:

“Sir, it was nice of you to thank me for helping you survive your cancer; but I can’t seem to agree that it was your conversion to Islam that healed you. The night before I do any surgery, I always pray that I will be able to accomplish the contemplated surgery without any intraoperative and post operative complications. Minutes before the surgery, as I wash my hands for asepsis, I also pray that God would guide me during the course of the procedure. Before I lay the knife unto the skin of the patient, I would always whisper, “Guide me Lord Jesus.” Now, how can I be swayed by your invitation to convert to Islam, when it was always the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that I cry out whenever I do my surgery? I am sorry sir, but I simply cannot give up my Catholic faith.”


Caduceus (2004)